02 January, 2011


A new year and a new blog.
I tried to get a blog up and running last year but it never got off the ground. I have been inspired again to get one going by Ali Edward's one little word concept. I began last year with my word - action. This is where the blog name Action Pact came from. A pact with myself to be more active in my life. To a certain extent I have achieved that. I definitely have heaps going on, too much at times, but not in the areas I wanted to focus on. I thought about keeping the word action for 2011 but a new year deserves a new word. My goals are not that different from last year so my 2011 word will refocus my attention. In 2011 I will SPARKLE! I will effervesce, be brilliant, a fiery gleaming particle sparkling my way through this year. :)

So welcome to 2011 and to Action Pact. I look forward to sharing my year with you.



  1. Hi Ronnie, look forward to reading your inspirations for the new year and beyond.

  2. I love it Ronnie! Sparkling sounds fantastic :) Can't wait to see how it eventuates! Your blog looks lovely by the way. Clairey xo